The Signature Of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert

2015-04-23 // 0 Comments

With “The Signature Of All Things” Elizabeth Gilbert gave us the tale of a woman’s life, which is beautifully written, an intellectual pleasure and an adventure full of scientific knowledge and spiritual findings quite useful for our own lives. The book’s main character Alma is a botanist, a scientist, which in itself is still quite unusual in her day and [...]

THE TEAM – pan-european disaster

2015-03-02 // 2 Comments

I wanted to love THE TEAM – I loved BRON and I’m all for new TV formats. But this would-be copy of THE BRIDGE just wastefully uses great names like Lars Mikkelsen for characters I don’t care one iota about, putting them in the most beautiful settings just to have them talk. And phone. And talk some [...]

Max 5 instead of 50 SHADES OF GREY – a missed chance

2015-02-16 // 0 Comments

Jamie Dornan is no Christian Grey – and that’s not only my opinion. Not for a second did I buy that a) this guy has built and runs a multimillion enterprise, b) he needs to be in control of everything including himself or c) he is rather reluctantly falling for Anastasia. So my beloved 50 SHADES OF [...]


2015-02-13 // 0 Comments

What happened to the wild beast called “human”? Caged in a zoo we live our lives, and some of us take on other wild companions, dogs, cats – giant cats even. MING OF HARLEM: TWENTY ONE STOREYS IN THE AIR reveals the wonder and poetry behind the true story of an “animal situation” the police had had [...]

BLACKHAT – what it was supposed to be

2015-02-10 // 0 Comments

I wonder: Who hacked BLACKHAT and cut in random scenes of half hearted sex and half witted violence? There are brilliant scenes in it, beautifully filmed, with as much as coherent (and correct) tech talk. But then Hathaway (Chris Hemsworth – too hunky to be a hacker anyhow, sorry, Thor) points at a URL and [...]


2015-02-04 // 0 Comments

CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA ist zugleich ein Backstage-movie und eine Liebeserklärung an die Kunstform Film. Wie das titelgebende Naturphänomen schlängelt sich immer wieder einmal ein Schauspiel in unser Herz; Und mag es auch schlechtes Wetter künden, wir steigen auf die höchsten Berge, um es zu sehen – und uns darin zu verlieren. Selbstmord ist hier allgegenwärtig – [...]


2015-02-03 // 0 Comments

Forget Westerns – there’s a brilliant Northern you’ll need to see: KRAFTIDIOTEN is a thriller with expert comical relief at exactly the right times. Nils is a Swedish immigrant in Norway, who has just been elected “citizen of the year” in his small village, way up north, where his job is to free the streets of [...]
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