Joel Kinnaman as RoboCop

2013-09-10 // 0 Comments

Ok, I admit it … without beautiful and talented US-Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman (whom I discovered almost exactly one year ago) aka Charles Joel Norström, I’d not even bother about the film ROBOCOP, due February 2014 – although I liked the Verhoeven classic a lot (uncut version, of course). But with the star from SNABBA [...]

More Joel Kinnaman

2012-09-30 // 0 Comments

Joel Kinnaman, the Swedish-American actor with the uncannily beautiful features gets to be a real big shot in Hollywood. The photo here has been published when it was still a rumour that Joel Kinnaman will be the hero in Robocop-Reboot – well, male beauty and robotics go well together, we learned that with Jude Law [...]