Stephen Moyer

Stephen Moyer going strong

2014-07-29 // 1 Comment

I do like the attitude of TrueBlood’s Gentleman-Vampire Bill Compton towards trouble: He stabs at it, goes straight for the kill. A trait he has in common with Stephen Moyer, who these days still goes on screen portraying said 150year old Vampire magnificently in the 7th and last season of the HBO series. As the [...]

Stephen Moyer: THE FOREST

2013-02-17 // 0 Comments

I watched THE FOREST with great expectations and this is my verdict: Gigantic cast meets not so gigantic story. Or, better: The story is about a family – a man, his wife and two children – breaking apart over a camping trip and the picture would have been perfect without the pathetic plastic monster. Having [...]
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