VAMPYRER – a Vampire study

2014-10-10 // 0 Comments

Why the fascination for Vampires? Why now? And why in teenagers? And when exactly did the gruesome dead monster turn into an enticing being, male or female? Swedish author Anna Höglund has studied Vampire lore, stories and films through the centuries from 1700 up to 2000, and she comes up with some astonishing answers. The romantic [...]

SVENSKJÄVEL wins Critic’s Choice Award at 10. ZFF

2014-10-05 // 0 Comments

The Critic’s Choice Award at 10. ZFF goes to SVENSKJÄVEL by Ronnie Sandahl (Sweden). Heja! Stort grattis, Sverige 🙂 Special Mentions go to the actresses Hera Hilmarsdottir from VONARSTRAETI and Bianca Kronlöf as well as Mona Kristiansen from SVENSKJÄVEL The Golden Eye awards of 10th Zurich Film Festival go to Uruguay (UNA NOCHE SIN LUNA [...]


2014-10-01 // 2 Comments

SVENSKJÄVEL is a beautiful film about some ugly truths. Like the condescension Norwegians might show towards Swedes, or men towards women, or employers towards employees. And we just might have our next Ingmar Bergman here, if Ronnie Sandahl teams up again with brilliant cinematographer Ita Zbroniec-Zajt, that is ;). Ronnie Sandahl is a young Swedish director, [...]

ETTOR NOLLOR – the fat and the angry

2014-09-26 // 1 Comment

ETTOR NOLLOR – a two episodes Swedish TV Mini-Series – kicks off with a human leg landing on an old Mercedes. At least in the uncut version shown at Zurich Film Festival it does. Maybe this scene was cut out of the film, as might have been several others. There’s as much sex and violence [...]

Stephen Moyer for Swedish coffee

2014-09-15 // 0 Comments

1993, a young and radiant guy in a Swedish coffee commercial?!? … Why, it’s Stephen Moyer, before he became Southern gentleman Vampire Bill Compton in True Blood: Reklam för Gevalia Cappuccino, Espresso & Café au lait 1993: pic [...]

Calvin Clein Fashion Statement film

2014-08-29 // 0 Comments

More than a year ago Fabien Baron made a film starring Alexander Skarsgård . . . SimOne comes to mind. Oh, the amounts of money big brands spend on ads, branding or marketing (I know the biz, been there myself). Impress the press . . . well, the fashion crowd is hard to please – [...]

Swedish director rocks Cannes

2014-05-27 // 0 Comments

Swedish director Ruben Östlund‘s film TURIST (FORCE MAJEURE) has won the Jury’s price in the class of “Un Certain Regard” (A Special View) at the Cannes Filmfestival. “First time a Swedish film wins this”, writes the Swedish Film Institute. Östlund has impressed me very much with his feature film PLAY which I saw in 2012 at [...]
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