Annika Hellström, producer

2014-12-09 // 0 Comments

It is people like Annika Hellström who make films possible. Had she not discovered and treasured Ronnie Sandahl’s talent, his long film début SVENSKJÄVEL might not have garnered the kind of acclamation it has had recently (and will go on having). Of course Ronnie had already made himself a name as a news reporter and author. [...]

Lena Einhorn: Blekingegatan 32

2014-11-11 // 0 Comments

Coming back home from Södermalm, from Stockholms Filmfestival, doesn’t feel so bad if one has this book to accompany the flight back to Austria. “Blekingegatan 32” is the name of the street in Stockholm Södermalm, where a certain Greta Gustafsson grew up, better known to the world as Greta Garbo. This book by Lena Einhorn (in [...]

Swedish director rocks Cannes

2014-05-27 // 0 Comments

Swedish director Ruben Östlund‘s film TURIST (FORCE MAJEURE) has won the Jury’s price in the class of “Un Certain Regard” (A Special View) at the Cannes Filmfestival. “First time a Swedish film wins this”, writes the Swedish Film Institute. Östlund has impressed me very much with his feature film PLAY which I saw in 2012 at [...]

Joel Kinnaman – another beautiful Swede

2012-09-25 // 4 Comments

Well, the Thriller SNABBA CASH (see review on this blog) has a huge asset: This most handsome guy here, starring as JW. Joel Kinnaman is a Swedish-American actor, born 1979, very tall and living in Stockholm. So look out for this guy, he just might find his way into the blockbusters (I’d like [...]