THE ROVER starring Robert Pattinson

2014-10-02 // 1 Comment

“Is this a threat?” the soldier asks. “No”, says Eric: “A threat means something still is to happen.” In the world of  THE ROVER the economy has already collapsed 10 years ago. People are literally down to eating their pets and guns are omnipresent – and boy do they get used. Eric (Guy Pearce) has been taken by [...]

What is Robert Pattinson doing now?

2014-09-23 // 2 Comments

Robert Pattinson – the actor – is busy, that much is certain. No, he won’t pursue his musical career (though he’d quite possibly have one – it was him at the piano in TWILIGHT). “I couldn’t stand being judged for my music”, says Pattinson. He suffers enough by being criticized for his acting, he says. Robert Pattinson has [...]