2015-01-26 // 0 Comments

Zwielichtige Engel haben es mir seit jeher angetan. Und wenn sie auch noch so dramatisch wie witzig daher kommen, wie in DIE LIEBE UNSERER ELTERN von Thomas A. Szabó, dann freut mich das umso mehr. Der dunkle Engel Jeremiel (Vladimir Burlakov) stiftet seinen gefallenen Engels-Bruder Azrael (Franz Dinda) an, das Werkzeug des Weltuntergangs aus einem [...]

SUSHI IN SUHL – Ostalgie mit Augenzwinkern

2014-12-10 // 0 Comments

Zugegeben, ich hab SUSHI IN SUHL kürzlich auf einsfestival nur eingeschaltet, weil meine Mutter aus der Gegend stammte. Doch dann blieb ich kleben – am Karpfen als Lachsersatz, frisch gefischt aus dem Eisloch, an den Entscheidungen über Wohl und Wehe des innovativen Sushi-Kochs Rolf Anschütz, die wie Dominosteinchen die DDR-Regulierungs-Hierarchie rauf und runter klappen – und [...]

BRON – THE BRIDGE – DIE BRÜCKE: Nordic Noir continues

2014-12-02 // 0 Comments

Swedish TV announces a third season of BRON (Swedish for THE BRIDGE) for autumn 2015 – already sold to 120 countries. BRON (starring among others Said William Legue) is an award winning crime series which started in 2011 with an intriguing case: A female body is found on Öresund bridge, nicely cut in half – the [...]

Stephen Moyer on TRUE BLOOD finale

2014-11-26 // 0 Comments

ALLSTEPHENMOYER.COM, one of the best websites concerning actor/director/producer Stephen Moyer , recently posted an exclusive interview with the man, who played “Vampire Bill” in HBO’s epic Vampire show TRUE BLOOD. This post, as well as the full interview, contain spoilers! So: for all of you who haven’t yet seen Season 7, please jump off now, if you’re concerned. [...]

WAG THE DOG – the power of film images

2014-11-19 // 0 Comments

Don’t believe what you see! It’s hard, I’ll give you that. With video content by ISIS cropping up all over the internet, it becomes very believable that they indeed do pose a threat to the USA – or do they? Maybe it’s all a farce, maybe even a hoax … Mayhaps the story was even set up [...]

SIRE GAUVAIN starring Ernst Umhauer

2014-10-23 // 0 Comments

We said we’d keep an eye on intense and beautiful actor Ernst Umhauer, since we first saw him in DANS LA MAISON. He stars as the mythical knight SIRE GAUVAIN (English: SIR GAWAIN) in French TV soon, as director Martin Beilby and Producer Vanessa Bertin tell us. We do hope the film (which will be finished [...]

HOUSE OF CARDS sets high standards

2014-10-17 // 0 Comments

I have seen series head for a certain look and feel, just to witness them falter after a few episodes. Not so in Netflix’s flagship series HOUSE OF CARDS. Cinematography, set design, character development and directing are one genius mix targeted to deliver the best of TV entertainment. I do hope that Netflix will provide [...]
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