HE NEVER DIED – feinster Vampir-Stoff

2016-05-03 // 0 Comments

“In der Walachei habe ich Tausende gepfählt, nur um sie sterben zu sehen.” Der das sagt, im Film HE NEVER DIED, das ist einer, der sich schwer zuordnen lässt. Irgendwie wirkt er nett und ruhig. Sind die Narben auf seinem Rücken etwa Spuren gestutzter Engelsflügel? Waren diese Flügel weiss? Oder schwarz? Was verstaut er da [...]

Stephen Moyer on TRUE BLOOD finale

2014-11-26 // 0 Comments

ALLSTEPHENMOYER.COM, one of the best websites concerning actor/director/producer Stephen Moyer , recently posted an exclusive interview with the man, who played “Vampire Bill” in HBO’s epic Vampire show TRUE BLOOD. This post, as well as the full interview, contain spoilers! So: for all of you who haven’t yet seen Season 7, please jump off now, if you’re concerned. [...]

DAYBREAKERS – as if Vampires wanted a “cure”

2014-11-03 // 0 Comments

Ok, ok, Halloween is over, but still …. I love the Vampires in DAYBREAKERS, above all, when they really, really become very thirsty (evil grin … with fangs). In this film – written and directed by the German brothers Michael and Peter Spierig – our beloved Undead run out of natural human blood and are desperately [...]

WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS – 5 Zimmer, Küche, Sarg

2014-10-15 // 0 Comments

For once the German title is way funnier than the English original WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS: 5 ZIMMER, KÜCHE, SARG describes your average flat sharing situation, throwing in Sarg (= German for “coffin”) … Whoa! And we’re instantly aware of a very special condo situation indeed. The comedy/mockumentary about Vampires (“dead but delicious”) in [...]


2014-10-12 // 1 Comment

Vampirgeschichten gehören zum Oktober wie Halloween, und hier ist die jugendfreie Version des unsterblichen Blutsauger-Mythos: VAMPIRSCHWESTERN 2 – FLEDERMÄUSE IM BAUCH ist die zweite Geschichte über die jungen Halbvampirinnen Dakaria, genannt Daka (Laura Roge) und Silvania (Marta Martin), die mit ihrer menschlichen Mutter Elvira (Christiane Paul) und Vampirvater Mihai Tepes*) (Stipe [...]

VAMPYRER – a Vampire study

2014-10-10 // 0 Comments

Why the fascination for Vampires? Why now? And why in teenagers? And when exactly did the gruesome dead monster turn into an enticing being, male or female? Swedish author Anna Höglund has studied Vampire lore, stories and films through the centuries from 1700 up to 2000, and she comes up with some astonishing answers. The romantic [...]


2014-10-07 // 0 Comments

DRACULA UNTOLD shows a Prince who just wants his people to live in peace. It shows a man who becomes a monster (Vlad III’s favorite method of torture was to impale people and leave them writhing in agony for days) in order to protect his realm and his nearest and dearest. It shows a Vampire [...]
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