Sven Gielnik

2014-09-19 // 0 Comments

Ausdrucksstarker Jung-Star auf den ersten Blick, auf den zweiten ein Multitalent: Sven Gielnik ist nicht nur ein brillianter Schauspieler (aktuelle Projekte: PAMPA BLUES und MESSIAH), sondern auch selbst Drehbuchautor, Cutter und Regisseur. Sven Gielnik spielte gestern in der ZDF-Komödie CHARLOTTES WELT: GEHT NICHT GIBT’S NICHT locker den restlichen Cast an die Wand. Ausgesprochen [...]

The End sucks – so start TRUE BLOOD all over again

2014-08-28 // 0 Comments

Remember the very first episode of Season 1, when a certain dashing vampire first caught Sookie’s (and our) eyes? True Blood creator Alan Ball comments on this episode and we learn quite a bit about how Stephen Moyer was cast as Bill Compton in the first place. Listen in to Stephen Moyer’s serious, funny and [...]

Alexander Skarsgård as TARZAN

2014-08-27 // 0 Comments

TRUE BLOOD‘s Viking Vampire Eric Northman (Swedish actor/director Alexander Skarsgård) has been busy acting and modelling during the show’s seven years (loved him in Lars von Trier’s MELANCHOLIA), and now he has got three new big projects: Alexander Skarsgård plays Lord Greystoke in TARZAN, no, not in a loincloth … as a matured man who looks back [...]

DRACULA UNTOLD – news of the undead

2014-08-26 // 0 Comments

Vampires never die – good! This one rises for the first time … a sort of “making-of” the Vampire, a prequel to the brooding Dracula figures sitting in their Transsylvanian castles: DRACULA UNTOLD. In this film a warrior sacrifices his humanity because he wants to protect his family and – as Dracula – rises to supernatural [...]

HBO’s TRUE BLOOD – a Vampire phenomenon

2014-08-24 // 3 Comments

Few TV-Series have ever fascinated me as much as TRUE BLOOD. It is one of those modern American TV-shows which can be perceived as a new kind of intellectual challenge, as “Frankfurter Allgemeine” wrote in 2012 in Amerikanisches Fernsehen_ Serien als Stresstest – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung – FAZ : They present the viewer with a plethora of characters and [...]

Stephen Moyer going strong

2014-07-29 // 1 Comment

I do like the attitude of TrueBlood’s Gentleman-Vampire Bill Compton towards trouble: He stabs at it, goes straight for the kill. A trait he has in common with Stephen Moyer, who these days still goes on screen portraying said 150year old Vampire magnificently in the 7th and last season of the HBO series. As the [...]


2014-03-25 // 0 Comments

Yes, it is a Vampire flick. Yet, ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE is much less and much more than that. Less: It totally lacks the jolly-ghastly-fun of TrueBlood and the gothic blood thirst of your average Vampire. More: The film is an orgiastic feast for the eyes, it is full of puns and poetry and it [...]
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