Zurich Film Festival

72 Stunden für 72 Sekunden

2014-10-03 // 0 Comments

Medienmitteilung ZFF: „Der ‚ZFF 72 Talent Contest’ hat unsere Erwartungen bei weitem übertroffen. Mit diesem innovativen Wettbewerb haben wir neue Filmemacher animieren können, filmisch eine Kurzgeschichte zu erzählen“, sagte ZFF-Co-Direktor und Talent-Contest-Initiant Karl Spoerri. „Wir hatten den bisher höchsten Traffic auf zff.com.“ Mehr als 100’000 Unique Visitors haben [...]

THE ROVER starring Robert Pattinson

2014-10-02 // 1 Comment

“Is this a threat?” the soldier asks. “No”, says Eric: “A threat means something still is to happen.” In the world of  THE ROVER the economy has already collapsed 10 years ago. People are literally down to eating their pets and guns are omnipresent – and boy do they get used. Eric (Guy Pearce) has been taken by [...]

NIGHTCRAWLER – wolves on the Vampire shift

2014-10-02 // 2 Comments

You have to be a heartless bastard to work at TV news – I know, I did. And this film had me in fits of laughter, because it depicted the craze of metier so very well. “If it bleeds, it leads”, one NIGHTCRAWLER tells another, and so they go and try to be at the [...]


2014-10-01 // 2 Comments

SVENSKJÄVEL is a beautiful film about some ugly truths. Like the condescension Norwegians might show towards Swedes, or men towards women, or employers towards employees. And we just might have our next Ingmar Bergman here, if Ronnie Sandahl teams up again with brilliant cinematographer Ita Zbroniec-Zajt, that is ;). Ronnie Sandahl is a young Swedish director, [...]


2014-09-28 // 0 Comments

This absolutely riveting film from Spain was screened in the “San Sebastian Window” of Zurich Film Festival and it just won a best film and a runner up director’s award for Carlos Vermut at said San Sebastian Festival. Damián, the teacher, says at the beginning of MAGICAL GIRL: “The only absolute truth is that 2 plus 2 equals 4”. Then [...]


2014-09-27 // 2 Comments

The Viennese Vampire comedy THERAPY FOR A VAMPIRE (Der Vampir auf der Couch) by director/author David Ruehm is like the famous alpine Republic Austria herself: Charming, playful, witty … and a little darkish around the dungeons. The film starts in a moonlit night in Vienna 1932, as a burglar tries to steal valuables left in the [...]

ETTOR NOLLOR – the fat and the angry

2014-09-26 // 1 Comment

ETTOR NOLLOR – a two episodes Swedish TV Mini-Series – kicks off with a human leg landing on an old Mercedes. At least in the uncut version shown at Zurich Film Festival it does. Maybe this scene was cut out of the film, as might have been several others. There’s as much sex and violence [...]
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