11 x Sverige


Sverige (Sweden) is the guest country in this year’s Zurich Film Festival. here’s the programme: APFLICKORNA/ SHE MONKEYS (2011); Lisa Aschan; 84min AVALON (2011); Axel Petersen; 79min CORNELIS (2010); Amir Chamdin; 101min HAMILTON: I NATIONENS INTRESSE/ AGENT HAMILTON (2012); Kathrine Windfeld; 109min KOKVINNORNA/ WOMEN WITH COWS (2011); Peter Gerdehag; 93min KYSS MIG/ WITH EVERY HEARTBEAT (2011); Alexandra-Therese Keining; 105min PLAY (2011); Ruben Östlund; 118min SNABBA CASH/ EASY MONEY (2010); Daniel Espinosa; 124min SNABBA CASH II/ EASY MONEY II (2012); Babak Najafi; 97min STOCKHOLM ÖSTRA/ STOCKHOLM EAST (2011); Simon Kajiser Da Silva; 95min KURZFILMBLOCK (2006-2011); Jonathan Lewald, Jonas Odell, Jens Assur, Ruben Östlund, Niki Lindroth von Bahr, Charlotta Miller, Johannes Nyholm; 88min

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