Swedish actor Mikael Persbrandt had to loose weight and work out like mad to become the Super-Agent Carl Hamilton in the Swedish Thriller HAMILTON: I NATIONENS INTRESSE (no hiding inside a bear’s skin as in “The Hobbit” for him this time). The movie rivals Bourne, Mission Impossible and even James Bond as a thrilling, speedy adventure spanning from Stockholm to Russia, from Jordania to Somalia. The film has been highly successful and Zurich Film Festival showed it for the first time in German speaking countries. A Sequel has already been successfully launched in Sweden, and after havin seen this movie I have to say: I can’t wait to see more of this handsome Swede … erm … this exciting yarn 😉

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  1. It IS a great movie, absolutely riveting (as is Mr. Persbrandt here). Btw I see a trend developping. Older stars, still very handsome and sexy, date, fight and have sex all over the Festival movies … Mikael here, Richard Gere, Pierce Brosnan, John Travolta (well, I never found HIM sexy, but who am I). Mads Mikkelssen too is not a spring chicken any more – I’m going to see his acting tonight in JAGTEN

  2. although I do only understand little swedish, I believe Aftonbladet also liked this movie

    “Bästa svenska actionfilmen genom tiderna” – Aftonbladet

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