JAGTEN – The Hunt

To see Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen, the Odin like hero of “Valhalla Rising”, starring in JAGTEN as a plain 40 year old Kindergarten teacher is in itself a challenge. To see him get stalked and beat up by his own best friends, because there’s a rumour going around, that he might have molested a child, is almost unbeareble.
Lucas, Mikkelsen’s character, is told at one point, that he has always endured too much before talking back. So he starts to talk back and he tries to claim back his social position. It’s almost impossible.
Interesting social study, showing hysterics in men and women – a witch hunt, actually – and hinting at how friendship among men might prevail even in a situation like this … might ….
By the way, the character of little Klara played by Annika Wedderkopp, is very, very intriguing … do we have a new Anna Paquin here? We’ll see …

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