THE SAPPHIRES is an Australian musical turned music movie about four Aboriginal girls ( Deborah Mailman, Jessica Mauboy, Shari Sebbens, Miranda Tapsell) singing in Vietnam, their fights among each other and their whacky but likable manager Dave (Chris O’Dowd).

It’s also a film inspired by four actual living and breathing women, who have done a lot for the cause of the Aboriginees. And it explains the specifically Australian problem of the “Lost Generation”.
I did not know, that in the 1950s and even until the late 1960s fair skinned girls were literally taken away from their black families to grow up in the “white ways”. The way of such a “white” girl back into her black familiy is the story that’s really at heart of this entertaining, delightful movie. The film cites Dundee, Apocalypse Now, Dream Girls but stays a unique Aussie work. In fact, for me it was the Aussie accent that made the darker sides of the story (and the cheesy happy ending) more bearable. Look up the real life Laurel Robinson, Dr. Naomi Meyers, Lois Peeler and Beverly Briggs – and you may even find out, that Beverly’s son, Tony Briggs, is the co-author of this film.
You’ll find more info on the Toronto Film Festival’s website, for instance, that director Wayne Blair hails from Taree, New South Wales. Or that one of the singers has made it on Australian Idol.

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