The international première at the Zurich Film Festival of this second of three parts is directed by Barak Najafi. It’s still beautifully made, the overall optic impression recalls the first part – hell, there’s even better original music and nicer photography – but lots of open questions remain unanswered and some of the plot points seem to go in a weird direction.

Let’s start with main character JW himself: He get’s royally screwed out of 10 Million (Dollars? Or kronor?) by a former school colleague and business partner and hesitates to beat the guy up. Instead he tries to humiliate him in public but comes off like a crazy person himself. Weird.
His loved one, Sophia, who visited him in prison at the end of part one, suddenly says that “the boy” she fell in love with “never existed”. Vad fan (swedish for WTF)??
Strangest of all – the guy JW shot in cold blood in part 1 is now his bestest buddy – HUH???
Another little thing: Why do we see him doing extra hard push ups but never get to see neither his naked torso (I would have forgotten a lot of my critical remarks over that ;)) nor what he needed to work out for?
Frank Darabont taught us in his master class that a director needs discipline in the editing room. Well, this one obviously applied a random editing generator. Or did he really have supporting character Mahmoud much closer at heart than JW?
Maybe part 3 – due in 2013 – will console me.

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