SENNENTUNTSCHI: Curse of the Alps

Well, today the curse of the Alps is definitely this hot warm wind, called Föhn – it makes me tired and drives me crazy at the same time! But then I remember that beautifully executed, amazing little movie I saw yesterday on Swiss TV: SENNENTUNTSCHI (The Curse of the Alps), first released in 2010. Set in that mountainous part of eastern Switzerland where people still speak ancient Rhaetian-Roman, where myths and ancient folklore are whispered from tree to tree, a little girl finds a skeleton and a strange young woman appears in the narrow streets right in the middle of the stone houses of a Rhaetian village … The rumour goes that this woman is a demon who has been killing people since the middle ages. The story is amazingly photographed, the alpine scenario for once shown as it is for most of the year – not so much sunshine, but clouds creeping up the rock surfaces. A land of harsh weather and harsher people. And just when I think that everything is explained nicely there is that lingering sense of doubt – something was awry in this wrap up. I’ll HAVE to see this film again. Darn! That’s exactly what I expect of a good horror story.

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  1. Yep, that language is nowhere near German, it’s Swiss German. The translation is correct, I guarantee you that 🙂

  2. this language sound funny … no clue what they are speaking anf if the translation is correct.

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