Skarsgård flattered by Fifty Shades rumours

Mid August I posted something here and this on Google plus (one of my rare public posts):


Photo: Steven Klein, GQ UK

Fifty Shades Of Grey
I’m hooked, alas … read the first book in two days and bought number two and three today. There’s rumours about a 50 shades film project. Yes, I thought Robert Pattinson, when I first read the description of Mr. Grey. But pretty fast I found out, who really could pull off this role and get away with it (see photo). I’d cast Anne Hathaway as Anastasia, btw …

Alexander Skarsgård on this very topic:
.. Christian Grey rumors. Are you interested in that part?
I haven’t read the script. I don’t think there is a script out yet.
Have you read the books?
No, are they good?
Uh, they’re something.
I like something.
They’re really graphic. The S&M world is laid out for all to read about. Does that appeal to you?
I haven’t read the books. I know how tremendously successful they are and how people are obsessed, so of course I’m flattered if some people out there wants to see me do that. But it’s difficult to say. Step one is always read the script for me. I get the script, I read it and then I feel something or I don’t. You either connect and you feel like this is a character that you want to spend a couple of months with or you don’t. Or you feel like I’m going to learn something about myself in working on creating this character. Or you’re not challenged by it. Or you’re not intrigued. So it’s so difficult to say before having read the script whether you are interested in it or not.


Dear Mr. Lars von Trier …. get a script out there and send it to him already!!!

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