Tom Tykwer’s COULD ATLAS

bilde“Glad I read the book first” posted a friend on Google+ … The Hollywood Reporter calls the film a “hugely ambitious, genre-jumping, century-hopping epic … with added doses of gore, CGI, New Age kitsch, and more prosthetics than a veterans hospital in wartime” … while Roger Ebert is cleary in awe of the “daring and visionary film” and bows to it thus: “The little world of film criticism has been alive with interpretations of it … Any explanation of a work of art must be found in it, not taken to it.”

Tom Tykwer – maker of the film together with the Wachowski siblings – has cracked at least one limit: COULD ATLAS is the most expensive independent film ever made. As a German perfectionist Tykwer must have done something right here – I haven’t seen the film yet, but I sure will. The idea of reincarnation and interdependence of lives and deeds appeals to me anyhow. I guess it is a film you ought to let wash over you without overthinking it. I’ll let you know asap, whether I was right or wrong  🙂

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