FULL MOON makes weird drivers

Yesterday, Swiss Highway A3 direction Zürich between last Walensee tunnel and exit 45 Weesen, Amden, Ziegelbrücke:
After we both accelerated from 80 in the tunnels to 120 km/h the driver with Swiss target SG 34282 (who must have been faster than the allowed 120, of course) cut in mere metres in front of me and stepped on his brakes … Gods, I was so thankful for all the driving safety trainings I take, because I had to brake and swerve at the same time and it took me about three corrective moves on the steering wheel to stop my faithful Beemer from skidding …. all of this happened at 120 km/h, mind you. I trembled all over, when the adrenalin level came back down to normal. I exited in Weesen, parked at the (closed) highway police station, and it took me about an hour to recover. 

20122_11_26_fastUnfall vor Weesen
I checked Google maps for where the almost-accident took place … and found this


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