Online blues with films and books

There’s a thing …. well, two things: Since Dec 1 I could be watching (and reviewing) films at the online film festival STREAM, but I haven’t yet brought myself around to do it. Why?
Then I promised R. Harlan Smith that I’d read and review his book “Robin of Tudor Gables”  … guess what … Yep. I didn’t.
Well, I could print Harlan’s book and read it thus (which I shall do), but how do I get that STREAMS stuff into a cinema where I can discuss it with fellow journalists? How can I get free chocolate in a Press Centre near a beautiful lake and a historical city centre, where I can even interview the directors and actors? Gah! Zurich Film Festival has spoilt me …
Help on how to solve my dilemma would be very much appreciated 🙁

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