Thure Riefenstein

thure riefensteinI admit it: First he caught my eye, because his way of moving, his posture and even  his mimic reminded me of one of my favourite European actors, Stephen Moyer (TrueBlood) who hails from Brentwood, Essex (UK).
Then I had a closer look and I discovered the guy’s from just around the corner hereabouts: Thure Riefenstein was born in Ulm, but he soon found the world to be his playground. German TV shows him these days in “Inseln vor dem Wind” (2012), where he plays the ruggedly handsome adventurer Rick.
As with Moyer, whom I’d love to have seen as Romeo, Riefenstein must have been a wonderful Parzifal in his theatre days.
Film producers, listen up: Give us more of those guys, ok?
Here is the fansite of handsome Thure … (I just love it, that we have actors like this here in Europe).

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