Mark Strong, a true European

„Mark Strong“ von SpreePiX Berlin

Saw GREEN LANTERN yesterday on Austrian TV and – even though it was another synchronized German version (Gah!) – I simply knew that this pointy-eared alien Sinestro would have to be a British guy.

When I looked up the actor, Mark Strong, in Wikipedia, I found out that he’s half Austrian, half Italian. He was born in London and studied In München. So I guess, he’s quite the European. After only one season of LOW WINTER  SUN, Fox’s replacement of BREAKING BAD, Strong was cast for 6 (!) films in 2014, 1 ( GRIMSBY ) to be released in 2015 and there are more very interesting projects on the horizon.

I’ll have my eyes on you, Herr Salussolia.

Btw. I don’t understand why GREEN LANTERN flopped – it’s a great film with a terrific story and very good actors.

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  1. I didn’t go to the cinemas to watch the Green Lantern, because I looked so fifties …
    After seeing it on TV, I must admit that I liked the movies, although I still did not like how the ring etc. looked like … but the story was good !

    • It DID look fifties, Ingmar, the ring design reminds me even of the twenties (remember Corbusier?) … I like it that those early sci-fi aesthetics are kept alive in this film (maybe because they remind me of the sci-fi books I nicked off my elder brother when I was a teenie)

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