The End sucks – so start TRUE BLOOD all over again

Stephen Moyer in comments of Season 1-3


Remember the very first episode of Season 1, when a certain dashing vampire first caught Sookie’s (and our) eyes? True Blood creator Alan Ball comments on this episode and we learn quite a bit about how Stephen Moyer was cast as Bill Compton in the first place. Listen in to Stephen Moyer’s serious, funny and always refreshingly British comments on episode 5/Season 1 and episode 12/Season 3.

Hilarious ultra-special is the comment section of episode 8 of Season 2, when Stephen and his colleague and friend Alexander Skarsgård contend for best pun in an unbelievable verbal ping pong play. At the end of Season 2 a whole load of specials lets you in deeper about what it feels like to live in a society where vampires demand equal rights.

Start Season 3 again with a special behind the scenes about how the shot of the fight Bill Compton vs Werewolves – featuring actual wolves – was done and find out what really happend, when Stephen climbed on Denis O’Hare‘s (Russel Edgington’s) horse. Whenever you find a “post mortem” on a DVD in Season 3 be sure to check it out, especially on disc 3, where Bill and his maker Lorena do a kind of domestic violence tango piece 😉 The post mortem on disc 2 might be enlightening too: Suffice it to say, that in a recording from interrogation room A the words Authority and conspiration crop up.

Stephen Moyer is mentioned in almost all the comments on all DVDs, and everybody describes him as very camera savvy, full of ideas, always prepared and top professional. Same goes for Anna Paquin, of course. She comments on Season 1/episode 2, Season 2/episode 12 and Season 3/episode 7. [aartikel]B004JRLPLI:left[/aartikel]

to be continued

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