The Lucifer Principle

by Howard Bloom

“There are no righteous societies; there are simply different degrees of depravity”, writes Howard Bloom at the end of page 236, after a lengthy explanation of how violence in Africa, in South America or in Islamic States are “not a massive deviation from the human norm.” Quite the contrary: Our ancient layers of reptile and animal brain make us prone to vicious aggression! When cornered, we don’t shun the kill, be it to protect our genes or our memes.

[aartikel]B00H128IXQ:left[/aartikel]Memes – ideas – like religion, Weltanschauung, politic belief system or any other grip on the unknowable – can turn us into their army of the damned (no prisoners). In fact, humans tend to flock towards memes or ideas and coagulate in the form of giant superorganisms, says Bloom. Eager to become and stay highest in any pecking order, we’re ready to pounce on anyone who’s against us. And we’re even ready to die for a “just” cause. Great read and much food for thought.

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