What is Robert Pattinson doing now?

among other things starring in THE ROVER at ZFF

Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson in THE ROVER
Robert Pattinson in THE ROVER

Robert Pattinson – the actor – is busy, that much is certain. No, he won’t pursue his musical career (though he’d quite possibly have one – it was him at the piano in TWILIGHT). “I couldn’t stand being judged for my music”, says Pattinson. He suffers enough by being criticized for his acting, he says. Robert Pattinson has caught my eye since his first appearance on my radar as Cedric Diggory in HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE. Of course he fascinated me as Vampire Edward Cullen in the TWILIGHT saga – I’ll never forget those red cloaks in that Italian town. Loved him in REMEMBER ME and WATER FOR THE ELEPHANTS. But Robert Pattinson utterly convinced me in David Cronenbergs masterpiece COSMOPOLIS (“A great film though severely underestimated – the first film of which I’m so very proud, that I deem everybody an idiot who doesn’t like it”, says Pattinson – I concur, we think alike). Next time I’ll see him will be – again – in a film, which is probably not destined for the masses: THE ROVER , a post-economy-apocalyptic Australian road movie screenwritten and directed by David Michôd will screen at Zurich Film Festival. I’ ll let you know – but I’m quite certain, Mr. Pattinson need not fear this critic.  [aartikel]B00LUH8VVW:left[/aartikel]


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