AUTOMATA – Blade Runner meets Lucy

Science-Fiction at its best

Antonio Banderas in AUTOMATA

AUTOMATA is “Blade Runner” in 3D, “I Robot” with a twist,  “Lucy” in machine version, in short: It’s a Science-Fiction as it should be. In fact, it reminded me a little of a Stanislaw Lem classic. As in BLADE RUNNER it wouldn’t have needed the explanation at the beginning, AUTOMATA does speak for itself with really strong photography, great effects and a marvellous soundtrack (including some Händel baroque music). Needless to say that the acting is flawless. Finally, FINALLY, another great sci-fi movie. YAY! Antonio Banderas himself presented the film he stars in at Zurich Film Festival as an out of contest Special in ZFF’s San Sebastian” window. One little thing from a girl living nearby Zeppelin town (Friedrichshafen)? I’m not convinced that the Luftschiffe in the movie would stay where they do with the wind (that’s what irked CargoLifter so much), but then again, maybe they aren’t Zeppelins at all …

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  1. Hi Elisabeth! I’m David, visual effects supervisor for Automata. I’m very happy you liked the movie. About the Luftschiffe, you are right! If you have the chance to see the film again (yes, please!) you will notice in some shots they swing slightly, gently in the wind. You can also hear the wires squeeze en twist (thanx to our sound designer)

    But as they are attached to the ground with a network of wires and tubes, simulation for a stronger wind were very complex to solve and production time was almost finished, so we decided that in the Automata future world, there’s only a soft, nice breeze… Next time I will try to find time for a more complex setup, for all the zeppelin fans around the globe! :-))

    Best regards,


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