Bianca Kronlöf as Dino, the "bloody Swede"
ronnie sandahl interview
I interviewed Ronnie Sandahl and Annika Hellström right after the premiere … in Swedish of course 😉

SVENSKJÄVEL is a beautiful film about some ugly truths. Like the condescension Norwegians might show towards Swedes, or men towards women, or employers towards employees. And we just might have our next Ingmar Bergman here, if Ronnie Sandahl teams up again with brilliant cinematographer Ita Zbroniec-Zajt, that is ;). Ronnie Sandahl is a young Swedish director, novelist and journalist. His film SVENSKJÄVEL (which quite literally means “bloody Swede” and is very nicely put with its English title UNDERDOG) premièred last night at the Zurich Film Festival and it had me hooked from the very first second, when a male voice from the off asks “Does this hurt?” and a female voice whispers “No …” Concise and lean editing by Åsa Mossberg gives the film a fast pace at times, but leaves enough time for us to deeply connect with the characters. Like when Ida (Mona Kristiansen in her first role ever) gives Dino (Bianca Kronlöf) a head massage beautifully captured in soft light. Or when Dino reaches into Steffen’s pants … for a pack of cigarettes. Or when Steffen (Henrik Rafaelsen) stands naked and frozen under the gym shower – so vulnerable and thoughtful. There is no Hollywood mainstream sleekness in the scene when Dino and Steffen have sex, it feels real, never awkward. There IS some fairytale quality about the film, though, when Dino and Ida ride into the sunset (like in a Spaghetti western), in different directions, whilst Steffen remains at home, shaved by his wife. Literally 😉

No, that beard won't do ...
No, that beard won’t do … (source)
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