THE ROVER starring Robert Pattinson

Dark times in the outback

Eric (Guy Pearce) teaches Rey (Robert Pattinson) the path of the gunslinger

“Is this a threat?” the soldier asks. “No”, says Eric: “A threat means something still is to happen.” In the world of  THE ROVER the economy has already collapsed 10 years ago. People are literally down to eating their pets and guns are omnipresent – and boy do they get used. Eric (Guy Pearce) has been taken by the soldier because he shot people – not that the soldier cares, he just wants to keep his job in this broken society. And gets shot for it by Rey (a brilliant Robert Pattinson), a retarded young man Eric picked up more dead than alive on the road. Rey’s brother has stolen Eric’s car and he had abandoned Rey. Not nice at all. But why does Eric want that car back so badly? AUS/US roadmovie THE ROVER was written and directed by David Michôd. Those intense eyes of Robert Pattinson would have been worth watching anyhow, but to photograph such great acting in such a perfect way is a gift to us viewers. The wonderful cinematography is owed to Natasha Braier, and Peter Sciberras did a great job editing the work. I was fascinated by the music of Antony Parton, maybe because earlier today Fath Akin had me bored to death with THE CUT, where the same kind of music was utterly out of place. Here the screaming, scratching, wailing sounds are a perfect fit. Some additional music is worthwhile too … loved the scene where Rey (Pattinson) sings along awkwardly with “Don’t hate me ’cause I’m beautiful” – I don’t. [aartikel]B00LUH8VBC:left[/aartikel]

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