forget CATWOMAN - here's Wolf girl

Oh, to be able to take revenge like a wild animal on those who disrespect you … dark dreams I dream, when I don’t swoon about the marvellous cinematography of Danish Werewolf thriller NÅR DYRENE DRØMMER (WHEN ANIMALS DREAM). Whatever filter the camera applied for the first scenes – as if we would watch the world through fogged up glasses – gets dropped, as the truth becomes clear: Sweet young Marie (Sonia Suhl) is a Werewolf – everybody in the village knows it, except herself. Her seemingly disabled mother is a Werewolf too, drugged into oblivion by her husband (Lars Mikkelsen) and the town’s Doctor. When said physician tries to drug Marie as well, momma Wolf springs into action. Wow! Erm, no …. Wooooooooooooohhhhh! No, they don’t howl. These wolf ladies seem real … and who knows? Scandinavia is vast … and they keep on telling tales about trolls and stuff … did I mention that I loved this film?

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