Electronic revolution – decline of TV

Netflix has re-owned HOUSE OF CARDS in German speaking realm

NETFLIX learns what I want to watch - and makes it easy to access

EST (electronic sell through), VOD (video on demand) – are those the new abbreviations we need to learn instead of ORF or ARD? No – it’s easier than that. Flat fee. Easy to operate. Great things to see. NETFLIX takes me further away from classical TV, now that their own flagship series HOUSE OF CARDS (and many other great series) has arrived on their distribution channel in the German speaking realm (they must have bought back the rights). And if TV stations don’t learn to appreciate a public with more of an attention span than a squirrel, their decline is certain. As is the decline of DVD and BlueRay – stop nagging me with legal advise, Trailers and elaborate menues: I WANT TO SEE A FLICK, dammit!! As German comedian Dieter Nuhr so aptly put it in one of his programmes (on Netflix): “Smart TV’s might live up to their name and change TV channels on their own, like: Den Scheiß schau’ ich mir nicht länger an.” Sic!

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