WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS – 5 Zimmer, Küche, Sarg

Vampire comedy from New Zealand

Vampire Vlad doesn't like household chores: "I'm a Vampire - I don't do dishes!!"
Vampires Vlad, Viago, Petyr, and their human nerd Stu.
Flatmates: Vampires Vlad, Viago, Petyr, rookie Vampire Nick and their human nerd Stu.

For once the German title is way funnier than the English original WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS: 5 ZIMMER, KÜCHE, SARG describes your average flat sharing situation, throwing in Sarg (= German for “coffin”) … Whoa! And we’re instantly aware of a very special condo situation indeed. The comedy/mockumentary about Vampires (“dead but delicious”) in our modern world was screened as a Midnight Special at Zurich Film Festival and had me in fits of laughter throughout.

Viago (379 Jahre) ohne Spiegelbild © Luna Filmverleih
Viago (379 Jahre) ohne Spiegelbild © Luna Filmverleih

Director and screenwriter Taika Waititi plays dandy Vampire Viago, who covers carpets and sofa with paper, so as not to stain them with blood, should his scheme to be “the bait and the trap” for some unsuspecting human guest be a success. He’s also the one to remind his flatmates to do their household chores, such as to wash the (bloody) dishes.

Deacon (183 Jahre) beim Abwasch © Luna Filmverleih
Deacon (183 Jahre) beim Abwasch
© Luna Filmverleih

No wonder that a certain Vlad (yes, the one and only) gets worked up over such a demand: “I’m a Vampire! I don’t do dishes!” Funny, that he’s the one to get much fun out of other modern stuff such as facebook (he can poke people there ;)) No, we do not bite the (human) nerd. He’s useful. Other humans might become Vampires quite accidentally – no wonder, when 8000 years old Petyr is hungry. And he’s such a messy eater … As are the Werewolves, although they too are doing their best to adapt to a modern society where one has to get along with others: “We’re Werewolves, not swearwolves …” And here I go, giggling again …

Deutsches Filmplakat der Vampir-Komödie 5 ZIMMER, KÛCHE, SARG
Deutsches Filmplakat der Vampir-Komödie 5 ZIMMER, KÛCHE, SARG

5ZIMMER, KÜCHE, SARG is scheduled to start in Germany right about Halloween 2014. BWAHAHAHAAA!!!

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