SIRE GAUVAIN starring Ernst Umhauer

Ernst Umhauer in 2012 (Source: wikipedia)

We said we’d keep an eye on intense and beautiful actor Ernst Umhauer, since we first saw him in DANS LA MAISON. He stars as the mythical knight SIRE GAUVAIN (English: SIR GAWAIN) in French TV soon, as director Martin Beilby and Producer Vanessa Bertin tell us. We do hope the film (which will be finished this month) will be shown on too, so that we get to see it outside of France as well. Umhauer’s imdb-profile links to three more projects for 2014: SAINT LAURENT (about Yves St. Laurent, where Umhauer has a little role as “the young journalist), APRÈS LE COURS (a short shown in France in May, where he plays Theo) and SMART ASS aka “La acrème de la crème” (a French film where he has a small role as Fred).

Ernst Umhauer as Sir Gawain

Anyhow, we love to see Ernst Umhauer in a lead role again. The production of SIRE GAUVAIN was facilitated with the help of crowd funding – this last link contains also a vimeo-vid showing images of the film.  [aartikel]B00ABTYHNG:left[/aartikel] 

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