THE POOL – Dutch thriller in Stockholm

Beware, boy, when the lady of the lake calls you
Film poster - taken from the facebook-site of the film
Film poster – taken from the facebook-site of the film

DE POEL (THE POOL) is the kind of film you won’t forget. Not only because it’s a horror thriller, which might keep you awake at night – it is perfectly made. From the first frame – a kind of Rorschach-pattern of black ink in water, intertwined with faces, skulls, Gestalten – to the last (surprise) take of a (for some) happy ending, this film takes you on a roller-coaster ride. You think you’re on a camping trip, while everything starts festering, right from the beginning. Don’t let the sunshine fool you. THE POOL lives (quite literally so) by the takes chosen by director Chris W. Mitchell, by the subtle shadows in cinematographing dreams, by the chosen perspectives, by the sounds and the music, the great editing, the witty, funny and aggressive dialogues – and by the the superb acting of everyone involved. The film reminded me a little of THE BARRENS or THE FOREST, how it was called in Europe. Only that THE POOL leaves it to the audience to determine what is dream and what is reality. Fact is – you will never ever again throw things into a deep, dark pond without thinking of DE POEL. Loved it!

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