PING PONG SUMMER – back to 1985 :)

Rad Miracle (Marcello Conte) and Teddy Fryy (Myles Massey) - pic: Stockholm Filmfestival

Fly! Real bad (… that means good). It’s 1985 and it’s a PING PONG SUMMER for Rad Miracle (Marcello Conte), a boy who loves hip-hop and ping-pong, who has a goth sister and a Scottish dad (John Hannah), and who’s got to beat the rich kid (Joseph McCaughtry) at ping-pong in order to get the girl. Good thing that the weird Karate-Kid-trainer-type-ex-ping-pong-champion-woman (Susan Sarandon) lives next door. Freeze-frames! Split-frames! Horrible overacting! GASP! T-shirts in abominable colours! ping-pong-summer-poster_imdbPING PONG SUMMER written and directed by Michael Tully is a feel-good-movie if I ever saw one – thank you, Stockholm Filmfestival, for showing this on my birthday! Now I feel 25 (… make that 15 …) again! Hell, Tully filmed this on 16mm for the real feel …  grabbing my 80s-cassettes and my boom-box – and I’l love the way the cassette deck opens and closes so smoothly with that new hydraulic effect – FRESH! Maybe I’ll apply some pink eye-shadow and a blue eye-liner.

Joseph McCaughtry (pic: imdb)
Joseph McCaughtry (pic: imdb)

Oh! And I’ll be watching you, Marcello Conte, Myles Massey and Joseph McCaughtry!

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