THE TWO FACES OF JANUARY – a thriller, flawless and beautiful

perfect images, great light, superb acting - and a remarkably warm hearted story

Yes, Viggo Mortensen stars in THE TWO FACES OF JANUARY as well-to-do American tourist Chester MacFarland, so do Kirsten Dunst as his wife Colette and Oscar Isaac as charming and mischievous tourist guide Rydal (who sees Chester as a father figure and lusts after his wife) – but the real star in this directorial début of British-Iranian screenwriter Hossein Amini is the wonderful cinematography by Marcel Zyskind, from the first shot of the Parthenon to the last scene in Istanbul. Filmed on location in Greece and Turkey as well as in London studios, this movie’s every little take – be it a glittering drop falling from a tree or a cat in the streets –  is as perfect as its characters are flawed. Chester is a swindler, Colette flirts with Rydal and multi-language-man Rydal cons everyone out of his or her dollars. Murder though is a new facet in all of their lives. And as a hung over Chester wakes up one morning to the squishy beating sounds of a fisherman killing squids it remains to be seen who’s the biggest squid of all. THE TWO FACES OF JANUARY is set in 1962 (what lovely costumes, cars and set deco) and is based on Patricia Highsmith’s novel of the same name. The movie was screened at the Stockholm International Filmfestival as a Nordic première. [aartikel]B00LQ11SAS:left[/aartikel] 

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