DEFIANCE starring Grant Bowler

from Werewolf to Lawkeeper

Grant Bowler has been Werewolf Cooter in TRUE BLOOD (see video below, where he talks with “Vampire Bill” Stephen Moyer) – and he is Lawkeeper Joshua Nolan in DEFIANCE (amongst much work he has been doing during and since TRUE BLOOD).

DEFIANCE (2013-2015) however is a Sci-Fi show one simply must see, with a great opening full length movie pilot, featuring lots of Aliens who need to get along with humans, seen that their ships have been destroyed in orbit and start falling down to Earth as “razor rain” – sharp metallic pieces, lethal to all races and species. Screenshot 2014-11-20 at 6.01.05 PMDEFIANCE is delightful (space?) opera on a barely recognizable “terraformed” Earth. Think MAD MAX with a sprinkle of STAR WARS and a whiff of COWBOYS AND ALIENS. Season 1 is on Netflix, even in German speaking countries, and Seasons 1 and 2 (2014) are available on DVD, whilst Season 3 has been “ordered”[aartikel]B00LHK8VBM:left[/aartikel]

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