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Spoiler alert - don't read, if you haven't yet watched Season 7

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ALLSTEPHENMOYER.COM, one of the best websites concerning actor/director/producer Stephen Moyer , recently posted an exclusive interview with the man, who played “Vampire Bill” in HBO’s epic Vampire show TRUE BLOOD. This post, as well as the full interview, contain spoilers! So: for all of you who haven’t yet seen Season 7, please jump off now, if you’re concerned.

Vampire Bill Compton, played by Stephen Moyer.
Vampire Bill Compton, played by Stephen Moyer.

Ever since I have seen the documentary SHOWRUNNERS at Zurich Film Festival I was wondering, whether Mr. Moyer might have had a say in how TRUE BLOOD ended. As it shows, he had not – he was told at the end of Season 6 what was going to happen to Bill, and he had had to come to terms with it: “It is not necessarily how I would have done it”. But he found a way to wrap his head around what his character was about to do, and to make it believable, that Bill does the right thing, in the Vampire’s own reasoning: “So, for me I was working towards this ending that I knew was going to happen” says Stephen Moyer” …whether I would have thought it was right when I was told about it, for me it was the closing of a chapter, of everything that he ((i.e. Vampire Bill)) had been.” And Moyer surely did a professional job in leading his character towards that point, when Bill “had experienced everything that there was to experience and that he didn’t need anything anymore”, says Stephen Moyer. He would have liked a “magic moment” at the very end, and had even suggested a great idea – which might have softened the blow to many a fan, I guess – but he was turned down by the people in charge. At least I can rest in peace now 😉

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