FIREFLY – nostalgia around X-mas

and an online game based on Joss Whedon's cult series

Firefly class transport ship
Firefly class transport ship

With the new STAR WARS film looming ahead it’s good to rely on something sound and proven. FIREFLY is a wild bunch of characters “too pretty to die” (above all Nathan Fillion, whose character coined that phrase in episode 1), it’s my personal COWBOYS AND ALIENS story on a ship just short of a Wookie, it’s DEFIANCE with a golden heart and a sprinkle of WILD WILD WEST and it’s pure bliss to watch. Again it’s Netflix who brought FIREFLY to me, even here in Alpine Austria, undubbed and without subtitles, if I so choose. And, boy, do I like the ride. For anyone who wants to fly a Firefly-class ship of their own, there’s an online game, announced in 2013 and rolled out worldwide in 2014. So, however STAR WARS turns out, I guess I’ll have to have SERENITY for X-mas.[aartikel]B000E6UUO6:left[/aartikel]

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