BRON – THE BRIDGE – DIE BRÜCKE: Nordic Noir continues

Swedish TV announces a third season of BRON (Swedish for THE BRIDGE) for autumn 2015 – already sold to 120 countries. BRON (starring among others Said William Legue) is an award winning crime series which started in 2011 with an intriguing case: A female body is found on Öresund bridge, nicely cut in half – the upper half lies on Swedish territory, lower abdomen and legs in Denmark. This peculiar positioning – and the fact that the body parts belong to two different victims – one per country – forces blonde, crisp, no-nonsense Malmö police officer Saga Norén (Sofia Helin) to work together with her somewhat more laid back and emotional Danish colleague Martin Rohde (Kim Bodnia). It turns out the killer has a political message to the whole of Swedish and Danish society – and he has no qualms whatsoever to hit it home – hard.

In the second season the menace comes from “Eco-Terrorists” instead of the mass-murdering “Truth-Terrorist” of season one. Season 3 will see one major change as Kim Bodnia jumped off – he allegedly didn’t like the development of his character any more. I personally would love to see a more attractive Dane jump in – how about sötnos Mads Hjulmand? (just sayin’ … btw. “sötnos” means literally sweetnose and is a Swedish endearment for a pretty person or pet 😉 … sorry, Mads, you’re a hell of an actor, but you ARE sweet as sin). Unfortunately producer Anders Landström has chosen not to replace Martin Rohde with another Danish guy – so Saga will have to find the kidnapper of her boss on her own (that’s how season 3 is supposed to start … who knows what will come, as filming has just about started).

"Eco-Terroristst" keep the  police one their toes in Saeson 2
“Eco-Terroristst” keep the police one their toes in Saeson 2

Apart from that expert use of light and shadow, so typical for Nordic cinematography, the TV-series BRON is far beyond your average cop story on many levels. This might explain it’s international success. Script author Hans Rosenfeldt explains in Gomorron Sverige that people got used to that specific Nordic look and feel with Wallander, Stieg Larsson’s work and Lillyhammer. But most of all he thinks that the success of Scandinavian film and TV is owed to “that knack we have to develop interesting plots as well as riveting characters”. Well put, Mr. Rosenfeldt. Saga Norén (the character’s last name refers to Swedish playwright and poet Lars Norén), for one, is my fav female cop – and she’s an inspiration to many afflicted by more severe or milder forms of Asperger’s (or simple lack of social skills), writes Swedish paper “Expressen”.[aartikel]B00KGXU9F2:left[/aartikel]


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