Annika Hellström, producer

set to make you "think, laugh or cry"

Annika Hellström,

It is people like Annika Hellström who make films possible. Had she not discovered and treasured Ronnie Sandahl’s talent, his long film début SVENSKJÄVEL might not have garnered the kind of acclamation it has had recently (and will go on having). Of course Ronnie had already made himself a name as a news reporter and author. But his films – short films first – have been made possible by Annika Hellström’s production company. For SVENSKJÄVEL – besides managing the whole project – she drummed up the staggering sum of 1,5 Milliom Euro – an amount considered low budget for a full feature length film. In comparison: US blockbusters cost about 100 Million Dollars a piece. Annika studied film in New York from 1987 to 1991. She then worked on film sets for cinema and TV as script supervisor and assistant director, until she founded her own production company in 2006: “Cinenic Films aims to work in close creative collaboration and to establish profound and long lasting relations with directors and other talent. And to produce films with subjects that make you think, laugh or cry, and purvey a strong visual impression” it says on her company’s website. Goal achieved, Annika.

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