Hot Icelander – part II: Damon Younger

has ties to the UK

More Hannibal Lecter than Swedish chef: Damon Younger in his showreel
Photo: Sigurjón Ragnar

Info about charismatic Icelandic actor Damon Younger is scarce, so we thought to contact him directly for some questions, such as: Where does that flawless English accent come from? “I happen to have some ties to the UK. Born in Iceland on the 6th of November 1975… and then moved to Edinburgh in Scotland with my parents who moved over there to study. My mother is an artist who graduated from Edinburgh college of art and my father is a philosopher. Moving back to Iceland at the ripe age of 8 I have had a talent for switching accents since”, says Damon Younger.

No wonder he chose to study acting in London, no small feat, as only a chosen few among hundreds of applicants get picked. And it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park, I presume – and Damon Younger confirms: “Training as an actor at the Webber Douglas Academy for Dramatic Arts was a tough schooling, three years of everything to do with theatre: Singing, dancing, sword fighting and stage combat to name a few. I imagine it’s a bit like training to be a soldier… only we would just pretend to kill each other for entertainment for all… Not real killing for property.” As a Viking would – I get his drift. The killing he did as Brúno in SVARTUR Á LEIK looked authentic enough, thank you. But Damon Younger wouldn’t be the amazing actor he is, if he couldn’t switch from absolute villain to the guy next door in a heartbeat.

Just watch his showreel: He’s an icelandic nerd, a Viking chieftain, two British guys switching looks and places and a Swedish chef – more of a Hannibal Lecter type than the goofy muppet. Damon Younger is a trained chef, in fact: “Well, I studied to be a chef for a year… but found that knowing the basics was enough for me… I couldn’t see myself working all my life cooking for a hundred people a night… but in many ways acting is the same only closer to the soul.”

(to be continued)

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