Hot Icelander part III: Damon Younger about life and fish

The versatility of Icelandic actor Damon Younger comes from two sources, in my eyes: One being absolute dedication – to his body, to his voice and to his mind. The other is Damon’s unsatiable curiosity about all things concerning life.

Damon Younger in a double role
Damon Younger in a double role

Icelanders are flabbergasted about how well he speaks Icelandic, he chuckles. Of course Damon Younger IS a true Icelander, he even has some fierce sounding Viking name, as all Icelanders do, but in regards to his family’s privacy he’d like to stick to “Damon Younger”, because – as the man at drama school put it at that time: “You won’t get hired in England unless we can spell how you’re called.” And boy, did he get hired – he even played Shakespeare on stage. In London. Isn’t that scary? “Nah, not so scary… I once got asked in Denmark if I was not afraid of acting in Danish seeing as I don’t speak the language. My reply was that I had never heard of an actor dying on a film set just by playing in a different language than he was used to. Now digging for people after an avalanche or being head of work on a Russian trawler in the north sea… scary.”

Damon Younger would know about the hard life on boats: “I sometimes work in the fish industry”, he says. “I like hard work, it keeps me disciplined, and can pay well so I can take periods off to follow my interests which have the uncanny knack of growing rather than shrinking.” Those interests include living on a boat, founding a family, creating and exhibiting art ( ), studying philosophy, and acting, of course. “It can be tough for an actor to either find a role or to have too much of one … after seeing what life has become for some of my more successful friends in the field I wasn’t sure if I wanted that amount of attention. Often I find less is more – I’m not in acting for fame”, he adds. “I like to study life and surround my self with people that are smarter than I… not a difficult thing to do when your me”, he says with a grin.

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