Max 5 instead of 50 SHADES OF GREY – a missed chance

Sit straight at that piano, you ...

Jamie Dornan is no Christian Grey – and that’s not only my opinion. Not for a second did I buy that a) this guy has built and runs a multimillion enterprise, b) he needs to be in control of everything including himself or c) he is rather reluctantly falling for Anastasia. So my beloved 50 SHADES OF GREY have been reduced to a maximum of 5 greyish tints, which is a sad thing to watch from the start. The grey clouds in the very first shot are a nice idea, followed by an abysmal one. Having Mr. Grey jog alone in a generic hoodie is just wrong: This man would be dressed inpeccably, even when working out, he’d be accompanied by at least one bodyguard and he would move like a predator. Which brings us back to Mr. Dornan: He moves like an intern, not like the boss. I bet he either never took ballet classes or he was scared to death by Mr. Grey’s bespoke shoes, which he knew he wouldn’t be able to fill: There was not one moment of confidence or grace in his performance. Actually he should have stumbled to Dakota Johnson‘s feet and not vice versa .. oh, wait … he actually did. Suffice it to say that both light and cinematography are superb, as well as music and set decoration – some scenes could have been replaced by efforts to deepen the characters, but be that as is may: The original Mr. Grey from 2002 – namely James Spader in SECRETARY – is more fun to watch if you’re out for that little BDSM feeling. And if you want an idea of the real thing, watch THE CEREMONY.[aartikel]B0001E3I72:left[/aartikel]

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