CONFUSION – a brilliant mockumentary

Suspenseful and humorous, CONFUSION looks over the shoulder of film students Dario and Yacine who try to capture what is to become the most important day in the life of Swiss politician Caroline Gautier (Caroline Gasser). She needs to welcome a former Guantanamo detainee on Swiss soil and gets thrown in spanners from all sides on her way to political glory. Director and author Laurent Négre plays nicely on the innate voyeurism of the camera; in CONFUSION we actually walk in the shoes of the film students who start to hide among the shrubbery just to catch what starts to become more and more of a secret. What? The plane has been detoured from Geneva to Bern? There are protest marches against the whole thing? The Chinese ambassador is not amused? Catherine needs to act, and she needs to do it quickly, or both the destiny of that man and her own career are in shambles. The film is genius, in a very British black humour sort of way. To touch such a difficult topic – which is alarmingly real, as the film’s website shows – in such an amusing way is really, really unique. And I leared a new word in Swiss German: ‘Genferei’ (derived from the German name of Geneva, Genf, it tends to mean a royal sod up). Kudos!

These voices from Swiss politicians are real, by the way:

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