THE BROKEN – review

British-French psychothriller THE BROKEN is a wonderfully photographed bow to Alfred Hitchcock, suspenseful, witty and with more than one citation of the master’s work. Although throughout the first third there’s little more than Guy Farley‘s music which conveys a sense of threat the film manages to keep one wondering: a little weirdness here, a broken mirror there … and didn’t that character just walk by herself sitting in that other room? THE BROKEN treats the audience with riddles and it manages to stay on the right side of that fine line which divides Angst from ridicule. The slow build-up to real horror is like that loud drop of water from the ceiling which only much later turns to rivers of blood in nightmarish sequences. And – best of all – the film has the grace to end when it should: at the moment when that last unaltered member of the main set of characters understands that very fact – and runs. But how do you run away from your mirror image? A very fine film, on very many levels. [aartikel]B0024CV0IS:left[/aartikel]

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