THE TUDORS – a jewel amongst series

Not only are all technical necessities of the craft met most stunningly, Michael Hirst’s THE TUDORS is excellently written and beautifully played by such wonderful talent as Jonathan Rhys Meyers (King Henry VIII), Sam Neill (Cardinal Wolsey), James Frain (Sir Thomas Cromwell), Natalie Dormer (Queen Anne Boleyn), Henry Cavill (Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk) and many, many others, brilliant down to the most short and seemingly insignificant role. There are so many precious moments and unforgettable images in this series, that I would take it – and it alone – of all, if I had to choose only one. Even my beloved TrueBlood would come in a (very close) second, as I still have to come around to like the finale (I am working on it ;)). In THE TUDORS there is little humour (which in TrueBlood is abundant), but everything is a piece of art: the costumes, set designs, SFX, the directing, all the wonderful ways of photography, most marvellous mastery of light and shadow, great editing … and a finale of such beauty – beyond anything I expected – all these puzzle pieces make this series a jewel amongst its kind. I watched it as if I read a book – in as large tranches as I could master (thanks to Netflix’s boss I think of it that way now – ‘binge watching’ is such an unkind expression). [aartikel]B00NP54MPG:left[/aartikel]

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