Machismo might be brought about by mothers. In PELO MALO (BAD HAIR) a boy (brilliant young actor Samuel Lange Zambrano) just can’t get anything right for his mother Marta (Samantha Castillo, a new Jennifer Lopez): If he wants to straighten his curly hair and look like a singer she’s panicking that he might be gay. If he poses in a hoodie she’s afraid he might become a gangster and die like his dad. Poor Junior (we never get to know his name) severely lacks a male role model and is torn between his mother, a security guard who makes him watch her having sex (so he knows what men and women are supposed to do), and his grandma, who lovingly totes on the boy’s singing and dancing and even sews him a shirt to make him look like her favourite singer; only that the boy thinks she wants to dress him up like a girl. Alas, his time is that of rap, not that of easy listening. How is it that those San Sebastian movies always leave me with a catchy tune? Can’t get ‘Limon o Limonero‘ out of my mind 🙂

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