SLEEPY HOLLOW and wrong German

Cop Abbie Mills helps revenant Ichabod Crane in fighting doomsday, no less :)

As much as I love watching SLEEPY HOLLOW I get irked by the lack of proper German. Why is it so hard to get vocal coaches or voiceovers to nail the German text lines? So far I’ve encountered one (1!) actor who speaks proper German. Why?!? Bad guys with an accent as thick as a castle wall are a huge drawback in an otherwise perfect show. I love the actors, above all British theatre guy Tom Mison as übersexy 18th century gentleman Ichabod Crane and lovely, tough cop Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) and her brilliant boss, captain Frank Irving (Orlando Jones). Abbie’s sister Jenny Mills (intense: Lyndie Greenwood) adds to the suspense. At long last I’ve found a show as dark and entertaining as my beloved TRUE BLOOD … although, alas, it lacks the latter’s perfection. Maybe because nobody in the cast is as adamant as Stephen Moyer (he played Vampire Bill) in pointing out flaws he just won’t stand for. Moyer kept his performance on hold one day until he was very sure how his character should pronounce ‘Louisiana’ correctly. I wish for somebody who would have done the same for the Hessian baddies and their minions in SLEEPY HOLLOW.

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