LOOPER – brilliant film

We see a man in a field. He recites French words. Then he glances at his strangely futuristic pocket watch and gets his gun ready. On a blue plastic canvas before him appears a man out of nowhere. He shoots him, turns him over and cuts open his jacket to retrieve several ingots of silver. One day he will cut open the jacket of another victim and find a lot of gold. Then he’ll know he just killed his own self from the future … he will have closed the loop. Time travel in films is a given. But seldom writers/directors really think through what might happen – this one, Rian Johnson, did. Can’t wait to see, what he will achieve in STAR WARS VIII! Now: LOOPER – In this precise and thrilling US-Chinese co-production we see Joseph Gordon-Levitt as ‘Joe’ and Bruce Willis as his older self, both struggling to rescue their lives and loves, their addictions and their knowledge of the future. As in TERMINATOR, older Joe tries to kill a boy who will dominate his future. No spoilers, but he’ll fail. And that will be a perfect end for a brilliant story. I watched LOOPER on Netflix. The 2012 film is surely also available on DVD or Blueray – and it belongs in a geek’s collection as one of the best science fiction films I have ever seen, right up there with DISTRICT 9.

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