EDGE OF TOMORROW – hugely entertaining

Tom Cruise as a sleazy communications officer who does not want any part in any combat situation is a funny entree to this INDEPENDENCE DAY meets GROUNDHOG DAY meets MISSION IMPOSSIBLE story. Cruise’s character gets caught in a time loop and fights that battle against scary aliens a million times until he’s as tough as female lead Rita (Emily Blunt) aka ‘full metal bitch’. Actually we have a video-gamish situation: you die – you start again. Until everything changes and there are no reincarnations left. With Guillermo del Toro as a special visual consultant EDGE OF TOMORROW takes us through a war-ridden Europe, from London to the Alps and from the beach of Normandy to Paris. Fun fact: Jeremy Clarkson might love what happens 1 hour into the film, as a caravan gets destroyed as nicely as I’ve never seen it done before on screen – bar Top Gear. The end still holds some surprises, and the end of the end does not disturb my general impression of bleeping good entertainment! Thank you, Netflix 🙂

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  1. The first time I watched this movie, I quit within 30 min. It was too unexpected. Too different from “Mission Impossible” series.

    After watching more than 5 times, I’ve realized that this is worth watching, worth discussing.

    If you are an information nerd like me, this is the movie for you.
    If you are or going to be a leader, this is the movie for you.
    If you are a professional in an intelligence community, probably this is the movie for you.

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